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DrinksGreek coffee1,50
DrinksGreek coffee double2,00
DrinksNes coffee2,50
DrinksNes coffee with ice cream5,00
DrinksNes coffee with bayleys4,50
DrinksIrish coffee5,00
DrinksFiltered coffee2,50
DrinksEspresso double2,50
DrinksEspresso freddo2,50
DrinksDouble cappuccino3,50
DrinksCappuccino freddo3,00
DrinksHot tea (flavored)3,00
DrinksCold tea (flavored)3,00
DrinksHot chocolate3,00
DrinksCold chocolate3,00
BeerHeineken 4
BeerMythos beer 3,50
White winesSauvignon Blanc 20
White wines/ Kefalonian Robolla Robola is a white grape variety grown in various parts of Greece, but primarily on the Ionian island of Cephalonia. Robola typically produces fresh, lightly aromatic citrusy wines.25
Glass of White wineGlass of white house wine 3,50
Rose winesΚατωγι αβερωφ40
Rose winesBazigos roze23
Red winesProrogos 30
Red winesPortion 187ml (red)4
Sparkling wineDeus 700ml35
Granita (water ice)Lemon4
Granita (water ice)Strawberry4
JuiceAmita (on choose)3
JuiceFresh juice4,5
JuiceMixed fresh juice5
Water-soft dringsWater 0,5lt0,5
Water-soft dringsWater 1,5lt1
Water-soft dringsSparkling water 330ml3,5
Water-soft dringsCola 330ml3
Water-soft dringsSprite 330ml3
Water-soft dringsTonik 500ml4
Water-soft dringsSoda 500ml4
Water-soft dringsOrangeade fanta 330ml3
ChampagnesAsti martini30
R.t.d..SRed bul5,00
Beverage (portion 50cl)Oyzo3
Beverage (portion 50cl)Metaxa 3*6
Beverage (portion 50cl)Metaxa 5*7
Beverage (portion 50cl)Metaxa 12*10
Beverage (portion 50cl)Metaxa 7*8
Beverage (portion 50cl)Whisky6
Beverage (portion 50cl)Vodka6
Beverage (portion 50cl)Gin6
Beverage (portion 50cl)Rum6
Beverage (portion 50cl)Tequila6
Beverage (portion 50cl)Liqueur6
Beverage (portion 50cl)Sambuca6
Special Beverage (portion 50cl)Special Beverage (portion 50 cl)10
Special bottlesJohnnie black label80
Special bottlesDimple80
Special bottlesChivas80
Special bottlesJack daniels100
Special bottlesJim beam80
Special bottlesDrambuie80
Special bottlesStolichnaya80
Special bottlesBelvedere130
Special bottlesGray goose130
Special bottlesHendriks110
Special bottlesBacardi80
Special bottlesHavana black80
Special bottlesDon julio (yellow tequila)120
CocktailBlue Waves (Vodka,Lime,Blue Curacao,Kiwi.Lemon foam)9
CocktailShooting Star (Ouzo,lime,honey,mint,grapefruit)9
CocktailKinky Pornstar (Vodka,Lime,Passion Fruit,Chilly,Agave)9
CocktailKappa Tree (Gin,Mastic,Ginger, Lime,Cucumber.Green apple)9
CocktailThe Clock Work Orange (Gin,Lime, Grapefruit,Orange Juice,Mint)9
CocktailRed Black Seed (Tequila Bianco, Watermelon,Lime, Ginger,Lemon foam)9
CocktailNegroni Sbagliato (Campari,Red Vermuth,Moschato D'Asti)9
SandwichesToast Ham & cheese3,80
SandwichesToast Turkey & cheese 4,00